Consultancy/contract Services

Institute offers technology for commercialization/consultancy/contract services in the following broad areas of specialization.

  • Field evaluation of new molecule of Agrochemicals (Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Bio-regulators etc.)
    • i) At DSR, Indore - Rs. 1,10,000/-/molecules/year
    • ii) Multilocation through AICRPS – Rs. 20, 000/molecule/ doze/year/location (minimum 5 centres)

  • Training to farmers sponsored by farmer cooperatives, SAU’s, KVK’s, Govt. organization, Public Undertaking Organizations (no provision of special fund)- Free of cost
  • Training to farmers sponsored by Banks or NGO’s (1 day)-Rs. 14, 000/- approx. for 30 farmers (lunch+snacks)
  • Training to staff members of private and commercial profit making organizations (2 days)- Rs. 72,000/-approx for 20 trainers (lunch+snacks)
  • Imparting training for basic techniques of AM fungi for individuals as Indian clients from commercial private industries @ Rs. 15000/- per person
  • Determination of infectious propagules density in mycorrhizal inoculum/commercial samples @ Rs. 14350/- per sample
  • Determination of mycorrhizal spore density in soil, or spore based-mycorrhizal inoculum/commercial samples @ Rs. 2735/- per sample