AOTF NIR Analyzer

Instrument Details

Make:    Brimrose
Model:    Luminar 5030

Detailed Specifications:
  • Spectral Range Options- 600-1100 nm, 850-1700 nm, 900-1800 nm, 1100-2300 nm
  • Measurement Modes- Diffuse Reflection, liquid transmission with probe attachment
  • Spectral Resolution- 2-10 nm

About Instrument:
The Brimrose Luminar 5030 AOTF-NIR (Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter-Near Infrared) analyzer is a hand-held analytical instrument that utilizes Brimrose’s high performance AOTF-NIR technology. By delivering rapid, multicomponent analysis for a wide variety of applications that include diffuse reflectance measurements of powdered sample.
Contact:  Dr Vineet Kumar
Principal Scientist (Plant Biochemistry)
0731-2437963(O), 9302106779(M)

Available Accessories:
• Stand with Rotating cup

Working Principal

Near-IR (NIR) is a spectroscopic method is based on molecular over tones and combination vibrations of CH, O-H, N-H and S-H.


• Estimation of oil content in soybean flour

User Instruction