Real-time PCR

Instrument Details

Model:    Line-gene Ⅱ--FQD-66A

Detailed Specifications:
  • Power supply: AC 220V-240V
  • Operating System- Windows2000/XP
  • Applicable Software-Microsoft Excel2000/2002
  • Sample Capacity- 66x0.2ml
  • Fluorescent detection basic configuration-FAM,SYBR GreenI, HEX,VIC
  • Heating Speed: 4.0C
Available Accessories:
Real-time PCR Detection Machine and PC System with Software
About Instrument:
Real-time PCR Detection System is up-to-date product based on Line-gene. By using the advanced optical fiber conducting technique, the unit has strong sensitivity and reliability when detects the fluorescence. At the same time, it inherits speedy and accurate PCR detection. The powerful software provides multiple channels fluorescence detection with four kinds of dyes at the same time.
Contact:  Dr Anita Rani
Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding)
Ph: 0731-2437914 (O), 9329682779(M)

Working Principal

Real-time quantitative PCR allows the sensitive, specific and reproducible quantation of nucleic acids. The double-stranded DNA-intercalating agent SYBR Green 1, hydrolysis probes, dual hybridization probes, molecular beacons and scorpion probe. Oligonucleotide probes modified with fluorescent dyes are widely used to detect specific DNA or RNA molecules. Moreover, if the intensity of the fluorescent emission of the Dye were to vary in proportion to the amount of target as a result of Amplification, one would be able to quantify the target DNA or RNA in the samples.


aqMan probe; SYBR Green I; Molecular beacons, FAM, HEX, TAMRA, TEXASRED, ROX and so on.

User Instruction

1. Install the Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Detection System
2. Preparation of Samples.
3. Quantification, Analysis on the Melting Curve