Research Achievements of Computer Applications

  • A Web-based Soybean Germplasm Information System (WBGIS) has been developed. It provides an easy, efficient and user-friendly tool for the accurate and rapid retrieval of the information on different germplasm accessions. The system is developed using web technologies viz. ASP.NET, Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML), JAVA etc.

  • A Web-based Expert System for disease diagnosis in Soybean has been developed. It is based on fuzzy-logic Inferencing. It is developed using ASP .NET web technologies. It diagnoses the disease based on the symptoms observed by the user on the field at a particular crop age, applies the appropriate disease rules stored in disease Knowledge base and using the fuzzy-logic based inferencing method, it draws conclusion. It suggests an appropriate control measure based on the diagnosed disease.

  • A Knowledge Acquisition System has been developed as a sub-system of Disease Expert System. It provides a graphical user interface to create the disease knowledge base of any crop. At present, it has disease knowledge on 25 soybean diseases. It is developed using ASP .NET web technology. The Knowledge base is implemented using SQL Server.

  • An Intelligent Disease Tutor System has been developed as a sub-system of Disease Expert System. It acts an Audio-visual training tool to provide complete knowledge on 25 major soybean diseases.

  • Database Management system for AICRPS trials data has been developed with an aim to reduce the processing time and drudgery involved in the compilation of data and preparation of AICRPS Annual Workshop Report.

  • Web-based Varietal Information System has been developed to retrieve quickly and accurately the morphological character information of Indian Soybean varieties in a very user-friendly way. It also facilitates DUS testing.

  • A Farmer Advisory System is developed to help the farmers to get the expert advice of the soybean experts. It facilitates sending of expert advice through SMS on farmers mobile phones. Farmers can also send their farm related problems to the soybean crop experts.