With the objective to establish impact of research-emanated production technology on soybean productivity, 11218 FLDs were conducted on farmersí fields in AICRPS centres and other collaborating organizations located in different agro-climatic zones of the country from the year 1989 onwards. Data from the trials in general and particularly from the trials conducted during Kharif 2015 revealed that the adoption of improved technology led to an increase in yield and net profits over farmerís practice. Soybean productivity was enhanced from 1484 to 1061 kg/ha over farmerís practice. The yield increase was up to 34.90 per cent with an additional return of Rs.11805/ha. The average incremental benefit cost ratio was 2.79. The overall impact of Front Line Demonstrations has been resulting in consistent narrowing of yield gap II (difference between potential yield and actual yield) under real farm conditions during the last twenty seven years.