Research Farm
The Directorate of Soybean Research has well planned 55.2 hectares researchfarm with well leveled plots. Of this, around 43 hectares is utilized for cultivation and remaining is under the buildings and roads. To have effective utilization of available resources, the farm has been connected with underground network to supplement irrigation water in each field. All the available sources of water at the farm have been linked with this system. The rain water conservation system at the Centre is in place. The DSR is equipped with mechanized field plot experimentation. The entire farm operations at DSR from land preparation to harvesting and processing are mechanized for flawless results. .
The existing building at DSR has separate administration wing, library, computer cell, information cell and research wing occupying an approximate floor area of 5710 sq.m. (3610 sq.m. for research and 2550 sq.m. for administration and supporting services) The entire building is need based furnished for giving an aesthetic view and to create eco-friendly atmosphere, the surrounding of the buildings have been developed incorporating compounds of fruit trees, rose garden, ornamental and other greeneries.
At present, the newly constructed Research-cum-Administration building houses 16 laboratories for different disciplines, each annexed with a scientistís room and a storeroom. The major disciplines under which the research is being undertaken are plant breeding, genetics and cytogenesis, biotechnology, seed science and technology, biochemistry, plant physiology, agronomy, soil science, microbiology, plant pathology, entomology, agricultural extension, computer application in agriculture. The entire research wing has been need-based furnished and the laboratories are equipped with routine and sophisticated equipments necessary for research under different disciplines. Further the efforts are being made to strengthen the present facilities..