Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav (MGMG)

The programme is implemented in 25 villages of Indore districts by five multidisciplinary team of scientists are maintaining close contact with farmers. The activities constitute conduct of frontline demonstrations on improved soybean production technology and dissemination of information on package of practices. Beside soybean, the scientists are facilitating information flow of other agricultural commodities and the agricultural/developmental schemes launched by Government of India for the overall development of rural masses.

Team /Villages Team I Team II Team III Team IV Team V
1 Arjun Baroda Borekhedi Makodia Bhagora Hatod
2 Dakachya Navda Jamodi Chordia Ful Karadiya
3 Palasia Gujerkheda Machhukhedi Ambachandan Budhaniya
4 Peer Karadiya Sater Puwalda Happa Memdi Rojdi
5 Silotia Harsola Puwalda Dai Katkatkhedi Jamudi Habsi

Activities Conducted under MGMG

1. Dissemination of soybean production technology
2. Facilitating the flow of technologies on other crops and farming enterprises from other stakeholders
3. Dissemination of information on Flagship Programmes/welfare schemes initiated by central govt.
4. Strengthening the linkages with other line departments

Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav