Name Of Item Quantity Last Date of Submission Opening Date
Amla (Gooseberry) fruits 150 12/10/2023(02:30 PM) 13/10/2023(03:30 PM)
HPLC Columns High pressure liquid chromatography
Tender ID GEM/2023/B/3954322
Tender Document
12 06-10-23(04:00PM) 06-10-23(04:30PM)
Microplate Centrifuge
Tender ID GEM/2023/B/3961503
Tender Document
5 05-10-23(06:00PM) 05-10-23(06:30PM)
Automatic weather station
Tender ID GEM/2023/B/3943293
Tender Document
14 05-10-2023(04:00PM) 05-10-23(04:30PM)

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