Thrust Areas of Research

1. To broaden the genetic base of Indian soybean varieties and germplasm augmentation towards enhanced and     sustainable production and productivity. 
2. To generate basic information and develop integrated management strategy for new biotic menaces such as rust     (aetiology, identification of different isolates and mode of survival and recurrence).
3. To develop soybean varieties with food grade characters.This involves
    (i) characterization of germplasm/varieties,
    (ii) reducing the quantity of anti-nutritional factors and providing value-addition by suitable processing,
    (iii) development of improved soybean varieties suitable for food uses. 
4. To evolve, standardize and promote innovative agronomic practices to achieve sustainable production and to     become globally competitive. This involves
    (i) conserving water and mitigating water-related stress by suitable land treatment through ridge plantings and     broad bed and furrow plantings,
    (ii) diversifying the cropping system by     intercropping
    (iii) conserving resources and reducing the cost of production by conservation tillage,
    (iv) integrated nutrient management with enhanced component of biofertilizers/bioagents, and integrated weed      management.
5. To use new tools of research for marker assisted selection, molecular, biochemical and morphological      characterization. 
6. To enable enhancement in farm mechanization especially for land treatment, post-harvest processing and value      addition. 
7. To enhance nucleus and breeder seed production of high quality.
8. To continue efforts on enabling and empowering the R&D Centres in the country.
9. To strengthen the linkages with leading R&D organizations in India and abroad. 
10. To continue/strengthen efforts on facilitating transfer of technology.