Soybean Varieties Information

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  • Indian Institute of Soybean Research is maintaining 4000 accessions of soybean, which includes wild and weedy relatives and varieties released in India. Nearly 3000 accessions have been characterized for 17 descriptors.

  • Under the AICRPS system, 102 improved varieties have been developed till date under the domestic breeding programme ( Varieties List, Varieties state wise, Varieties with special characters).
  • The centre has developed four soybean varieties viz. NRC 2(Ahilya 1), NRC-12 (Ahilya 2), NRC-7 (Ahilya 3) and NRC-37 (Ahilya 4).

  • Several varieties like JS 93-05, JS 95-60, JS 335, JS 80-21, NRC 2, NRC 37, Punjab 1, Kalitur have been developed with high seed longevity.

  • Varieties like MACS 58, NRC 37, Type 49, Durga, Punjab 1 have been developed that are suitable for mechanical harvesting having high insertion point of the lowest pod.

  • Rust tolerant varieties viz. PS 1024, PS 1029, Indira Soya 9, MAUS 61, MAUS 61-2 etc. under the AICRPS were handy in the management of rust.

  • Identification of varieties for food grade characters, popularization of soy products, commissioning of tofu making plant and related research and training have been strengthened.

  • Indian Institute of Soybean Research also coordinates the breeder seed production to meet the national requirement of soybean seed. There are about 30 varieties are in seed chain at present. Year-wise production of breeder seed of different varieties is given in the list.